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Мониторинг доступа в интернет

Internet access monitoring

Advance notification about problems in remote office

Eliminate Internet access problem before the working day starts. Be aware about the faults early then providers. Monitor Internet quality by user services.

IP telephony monitoring

Monitor network quality in each office 24х7

Мониторинг качества IP-телефонии и связи офисе

Website access monitoring

Control download speed of key pages and support response time

Corporate system monitoring

IT services on customer view

Imitate user actions from remote offices. Use test templates and create your own user scripts

Мониторинг корпоративных систем

Channel utilization monitoring

How efficient leased channels are used

wiDPI function allows to define the most active users and applications utilizing your single connection and entire network. Analyze band utilization in directions and make a correct decision in case of network development

Traffic prioritization

Manage traffic and applications

Lock social network access, boost telephony and corporate traffic priority

Приоритизация трафика

SLA reports

Study the real service readiness

Set up corporate quality policies, monitor services on SLA, expose penalties to your partners for inappropriate quality services

Mobile apps

Be aware about service quality worldwide

Download applications for Android or iOS and get near real-time information about status services, network bugs, network maintenance, service quality changes statistics.

Интеграция SLAMON с сетевым оборудованием

Integration into the equipment

Use probes only in case you really need

The system can collect service quality information from Cisco, Juniper, RAD, Eltex, Metrotek, Huawei, OneAccess equipment.

Additional metrics can be collected from equipment management system.

Integration into Service Desk

Open API for your interaction

Use SNMP-trap, REST API, SOAP, SMTP to integrate your customer support systems, SMDB and LDAP.

Interfaces can be available to your partners via Partner Gateway to coordinate maintenance schedule, information exchange about service quality degradation and SLA reports to calculate SLA penalties automatically.

The most precise measurement

Quality monitoring with certified means

SLAMON is based on certified wiSLA platform. We use advanced standards and methodology to get the results. Each new version passes calibration and multi-stage test in an own laboratory

Точность измерений с wiSLA